Top 25 Green Energy Purchasers in the USA

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has a neat list on their best partners for promoting green energy. Together the top 25 partners consumed 3.3 million megawatt-hours of green energy.

The top 25 Partners are Partners whose annual green power purchase is the largest, and whose green power purchase has been completed. Their actions are helping drive the development of new renewable energy sources for electricity generation.

Number one on the list will surprise you.

Bird Flu Vaccine 100% Effective

Scientists from the University of Pittsburgh have created a bird flu vaccine that has a nearly 100% successful cure rate in the animals they tested it on.

The scientists took components of the deadly H5N1 virus and have essentially grown a vaccine from it. Since the vaccine is made in cells it is actually easier and faster to produce than other attempted bird flu vaccines.

ThingsAreGood Meet-up TONIGHT

One Good Button! Just a reminder that tonight is our meet-up!

Come on out to meet the people who make this site what it is and to meet others who want to make this World a better place. Whether you want to come and talk about your art or talk politics come on out. We are meeting at the Red Room (near College and Spadina), check out the Good Meets page for more info.

Remember, you can get a special button just for showing up.

Need a Favor?

A new website, Favorville, is all about people helping people. It’s international yet dedicated to the local. It’s easy to help people, all you have to do is register and tag what things you are good at and what favors you can provide. The site is international in its reach but also thrives on communities helping each other in the real world. A really neat idea!

It’s a fantastic social experiment because it connects people who can help each other out. Need a favor? Can help someone help? Be sure to check out Favorville.

Sri-Lanka and Rebels Agree to Peace Talks

The Tamil Tigers, a group of rebels fighting the Sri Lankan government, have agreed to meet in Switzerland with the Sri Lankan government to negotiate peace. Recently ceasefire agreements have been breached, both sides don’t want more war, but agree nothing will happen until a more comprehensive ceasefire agreement is reached. Both sides also acknowledge that the recent fighting has done more bad than good for all people.

Norwegian peace envoy Erik Solheim helped broker a brief peace between the Tigers and Sri Lanka in 2002, and thanks to him the peace talks are now being held in Switzerland.

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