Nettwerk says NO to RIAA

Nettwerk Music Group has decided to defend a 15-year-old girl from the Recording Industry Association of America. The teen has been sued by the RIAA for downloading a variety of songs, including one aptly titled “Download this song.”

In a press release from Nettwerk, the CEO said “Suing music fans is not the solution, it’s the problem.”

Good for Nettwerk, a company based in Vancouver, for defending our ability to listen to songs that they want us to listen to.

One thought on “Nettwerk says NO to RIAA

  1. Nettwerk gets my applause for that move. What is interesting is that they are not alone within the music industry in defending casual fans from this assault by the RIAA. Many bands are supporting the fans too. I can think of a particular band (ahem…Dave Matthews Band… I know you love ’em) who actually posted advice on their website on how fans could beat the copy protection software that the record companies installed on commercial album releasese. Many artists became popular through tape-trading, as fans swapped albums and bootlegs with each other, so these artists feel compelled to defend the activities which ultimately made them popular. Obviously, online trading is a new version of tape-trading. These artists figure that so long as no one is making a profit off the bootlegs and downloading, then it is actually in their best interests for new fans to be exposed to their music.

    A personal aside – to justify my downloading, if I hear lots of tunes from a new artist who I particularly enjoy, I make sure to go out and buy that album. That way, I can say that I was encouraged to make the purchase through free downloading.

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