Stylish Bags NOT From a Sweatshop

A small NGO founded by a couple to help a slum in India has now become a profitable venture. It all starts with discarded plastic bags that are found in a dump.

From the high Commission of India, London:

“It may sound hard to believe, but handbags for sale in some of London’s fashionable boutiques started out as used plastic bags scavenged from the rubbish tips of Delhi. They are the product of a cottage industry run out of the living rooms of a handful of houses in a Delhi slum. The plastic bags are ferreted out by the rag-pickers, the poorest of Delhi’s poor, who make their living hunting for scraps in the rubbish of their richer neighbours.”

Truly a fantastic demonstration of a small amount of capital being used to make big chances in impoverished communities.

Thanks, Justin!

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