Japanese May Make Better Biodiesel

oilJapanese researchers have found a more efficient way to produce biodiesel by using common place sugars. The sugars used are cheaper to purchase and do just as good a job of turning fatty acids into a badly-needed liquid as the currently used chemicals.

Cheaper production of biodiesel could lead to a greater adoption of the fuel since it takes little (or nothing) to make diesel cars run on the fuel. About 40% of cars in Europe consume diesel, with the market in the United States of America expected to grow as a result of rising gas prices.

One thought on “Japanese May Make Better Biodiesel

  1. This is great news for many in Canada who have been turned onto the alternative fuels market.

    My friend Mike Divell ran a diesel school bus to Vancouver from Toronto and back, and took nine people with him, and they spent $215!!! Now he’s running his own business to get the project really off the ground – http://www.wiesel.ca

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