Hydristor: Believe the Hype?

Inventor Thomas Kasmer has made a neat little device called the Hydristor, which, according to him, has the potential to change the world.

The Hydristor belongs in your car, it basically replaces the transmission. In all transmissions energy is lost, a automatic car has worse mileage than a manual car because an automatic transmission consumes more power. What makes the Hydristor more efficent is how it transfers the power to the drive train and how it absorbs power from braking forces that can later be used to power the vehicle.

The heavier the vehicle the more power the Hydristor can get from braking. As a result the feul efficency of all vehicals can improve, espically heavier vehicles like SUVs.

“In theory, it should work. The biggest advantage of his system is that it’s very small and compact. I don’t think I’ve seen a variable transmission as small and as simple as this.” This quote is from a good article on the Hydristor at PressConnects.com

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  1. I need help to finish this vision for the future. I can be reached at 607-7631607 or e-mail at tkasmer(at)yahoo.com. This can change everything!

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