Holding War Criminals to Account

War is a messy business with the victorious side usually cleaning up how it all looks to outsiders. This is obviously problematic, particularly as we ought to hold people accountable for crimes they commit. When one rogue state let’s their war crimes go unpunished it calls into question the international agreements on how to handle the people who committed such grievous acts. In her new books Rebecca Gordon calls on the USA to not let the crimes that have occurred in the war on terror to go unpunished.

In American Nuremberg, author Rebecca Gordon indicts several high ranking U.S. officials for war crimes. Those who helped facilitate America’s torture and assassination programs are named and their crimes are exposed in great detail. Writing the book and naming the war criminals is merely step one for Rebecca Gordon, who is currently a mission to work with several human rights groups to formally charge those officials who have broken human rights laws.

The United States helped establish the international principles guiding the prosecution of war crimes – starting with the Nuremberg tribunal following World War II, when Nazi officials were held accountable for their crimes against humanity. American Nuremberg is a call to put our own officials on trial – those who constantly refuse to apply these same international principles to the War on Terror.

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One thought on “Holding War Criminals to Account

  1. It’s called Victors’ Justice, Adam. The winners never stand trial. In the 21st century even the losers don’t stand trial provided they’re powerful enough. The United States, in particular, has rejected the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (International Court of Justice). Even Kissinger has figured out how to avoid landing in the countries where he might be prosecuted for his crimes.

    There is faint hope that Tony Blair could wind up in the docket when the Chilcot Enquiry report is released after the Brexit referendum vote. If Blair escapes prosecution they’ll never get any of the Americans.

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