Studies Reveal Vegetarians Are Intelligent And Empathetic

Good news for vegetarians! If you’re a vegetarian then you’re probably smarter than the average person according to some research. It turns out that people who opt for a meat free diet tend to be better able to confront the reality of the modern diet (which is that we don’t need to kill animals to live a healthy human life). We have seen studies like this for years that say vegetarians are smart, that they are happier, and that they live longer.

There’s no better time than now to eat more veggies and less meat.

Another scientific theory, Savanna-IQ Interaction Hypothesis, supports the correlation between a vegetarian diet and higher intelligence. Satoshi Kanzawa, an evolutionary psychologist, suggests the ability to change personal habits in reply to challenges in the world is strongest in people with higher empathy and intelligence levels. There is a strict link between a person’s ability to easily adapt their habits to “evolutionary novels” and higher IQ.

Intelligent people cope more easily with situations that did not exist in the ancestral environment (such as modern dietary options). While our ancestors had to face constant food scarcity, we often face the opposite problem: abundance. Intelligent people are more likely to make wiser choices about what they eat, considering both their own health and animal welfare issues.

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One thought on “Studies Reveal Vegetarians Are Intelligent And Empathetic

  1. You’re a smarter person than me Gunga Din. Studies prove it.

    Surviving on potato chips fried in canola oil is always an option. How vegetarian do you want to be?

    I merely ask, when all the self-congratulatory folderol from the self-hynotized and morally superior preachings from the holier-than-thou converted are looked at critically, is it really any different from eugenics?

    I’ve suffered from the righteous froth of vegetarians for seven decades. I just spent two hours googling, and all I could find is that when vegetarians conduct “studies” they find themselves superior. Naturally.

    Congratulations. And a good berry-picking season to you.

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