20-mph Speed Limit Coming To Edinburgh

Drivers often argue for higher speed limits thinking that it will allow them to get around faster. Unfortunately that logic usually isn’t true and when speed limits are increased then more people die. High speed limits are even more dangerous in urban settings since collisions in cities involve drivers hitting cyclists and pedestrians.

It’s often argued that speed limits should be as low as possible in urban centres since it has little impact on traffic and a huge influence on collisions with pedestrians. The city of Edinburgh has made the smart decision to lower their speed limit in order to protect road users from drives.

The speed limit change is an explicit move to encourage walking and biking, especially in the city center. “Edinburgh’s move also syncs with the Scottish government’s 2010 Cycling Action Plan, which aimed for 10 percent of all journeys to be taken by bike by 2020. When the plan was updated in 2013, urban areas were encouraged to introduce more 20 mph streets.”

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One thought on “20-mph Speed Limit Coming To Edinburgh

  1. You state as fact something that has been proven as erroneous time and time again. It would be tedious to rebut the speed limit reduction brigade’s “arguments” in detail by quoting vast portions of tracts from websites I’ve frequented for years.

    But I’ll mention a specific instance that happened in Halifax. The argument was made that speed limits should be reduced from 50 to 30 kph because of schoolkids getting injured and killed in crosswalks. Parents were hopping around in “outrage”. When it was pointed out that no child had ever been injured, let alone killed in this way travelling back and forth to school, the truth came out – opinion substitutes for fact. And that is how I view this post.

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