A Delivery Service Which Improves Traffic Flow in Gothenburg

Gothenburg has a delivery service that pools together deliveries for businesses and it’s making a huge difference on the streets. The streets of Gothenburg used to be clogged with vehicle traffic and thanks to this delivery service people in Gothenburg are better able to get around. This makes for more efficient transfer of goods in the city while taking many delivery vehicles of the road, which means cyclists and pedestrians can have the space they deserve.

To facilitate the needs of smaller businesses which are not able to organise early-morning drop-offs, the city of Gothenburg helped launch Stadsleveransen (the City Delivery) to pool together deliveries for shops and businesses within a central zone stretching about 10 streets. Private transport companies leave their packages at a freight consolidation terminal from where Stadsleveransen’s fleet of two electric cars and two cargo bikes carry the goods the final couple of kilometres. There is also a small electric van assigned for transporting fresh fish from the harbour to Gothenburg’s Fish Church market.

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