5 Socially Good Business Practices Predicted for 2015

Marketing firm JWT has complied a list of trends in socially conscious practices that business will be interested in for 2015. See the report here. This is great that marketers are concerned with social impact as it means that after all these years corporations are catching on to the fact that there’s more than just profit.

Interestingly, one trend they think will gain popularity is one popularized by Toms.

JWT sees the buy-one-give-one model started by Toms expanding beyond shoes. The company itself, now worth $625 million, has set up a marketplace for other products. For example, buying a bag of coffee gifts water for a week to someone in the developing world. Other examples include San Francisco food delivery company Munchery and Warby Parker. JWT describes the trend as “third way commerce” that “combines social good with sales and marketing.” “Consumers, particularly Millennials, are increasingly discriminating between brands by looking for ethical behavior and sustainability. They are also looking for brands and companies with clear values.”

Read the other four here.

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