Soil Benefits from Organic Farming

The benefits of organic farming keep revealing themselves – it turns out that the soil itself benefits from farmers growing organic crops.

“Farmers interested in transitioning to organic production will be happy to see that with good management, yields can be the same, with potentially higher returns and better soil quality,” said Delate, who leads the project.

The U.S. organic ag industry continues to grow and was a $31 billion industry in 2011, Delate said. To market a crop as organic, it must be grown on land that has received no synthetic chemicals for three years prior to harvest.

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One thought on “Soil Benefits from Organic Farming

  1. I strongly believe that in organic farming the production cost comes down resulting better profit margin to the farmer. I am interested to have a training school in my 21 acre farm. Guidance and tips regarding the shape of the school on organic farming is solicited from the experts on organic farming.
    Pradipta Kumar Purohit, Patnagarh, Odisha,India

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