The Age of Exploration Isn’t Over

Humans haven’t been on the Moon for over 30 years and as a result it’s easy to think that the “space age” is over and our exploration of the universe is over. I frequent space forums and this attitude is always present, and as a result of all this negative thinking one person decided to react. And the reaction is great.

Annalee Newitz’s response to the idea the space age is dead is a great read and will fill you with optimism about all things space and science related!

Not only are we actually visiting every damn nook and cranny in our solar system — and sending back some of the most awe-inspiring images and data you’ve ever seen — but we are not doing it like idiots. We are exploringbefore we shoot our fragile little bodies out there into the radiation-saturated unknown. That is what a smart species does. Back pats for all the Homo sapiens who decided to send a robot to Mars before sending astronauts.

Read more at IO9.

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  1. As I recall, the Chinese are planning a manned moon mission. I think they’re hoping to have a robot lunar rover operating later this year

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