2012 Was a Record Breaking Year for US Wind Industry

2012 was a very successful year for the young wind-power energy industry in the United States. Throughout last year over 6,700 were installed around the country with the industry benefiting overall from new investments into the sector.

Let’s hope this is a sign of the future of what;s to come in sustainable energy in the world’s largest economy!

Overall, America ended the year with 45,100 turbines, producing enough electricity to power around 15.2 million households. Wind power added 42% of all new capacity to the grid last year, beating other sources of energy generation.
Rob Gramlich, AWEA’s Interim CEO said: “We had an incredibly productive year in 2012. It really showed what this industry could do and the impact we can have with a continued national commitment to renewable energy. We’re doing what Americans overwhelmingly say they want: making more clean, renewable energy and creating good jobs in US factories.”

From Energy Live News.

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