Sustainable Tiffin Delivery Arrives in Toronto

Many other cities already have tiffin delivery and now Toronto is one of those cities and here we have a triple-bottom line company rising fast.

She hires Good Foot Delivery and its developmentally disabled couriers for anything within the PATH walkway, otherwise she’s driving the meals downtown until the electric-powered rickshaw she ordered from China arrives.

Pabari, who was born in Kenya to Indian parents, hit on the business idea in her Beaches home while packing lunch tiffins for her son, who’s now 10. Pabarai had quit her six-figure, “soulless” job in marketing for a home-improvement chain after the 2008 death of her father and was re-evaluating her life.

Tiffinday has a triple bottom line: to make money, be environmentally sustainable and socially just.

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