Retire at 45

Tim Stobbs is set to retire at 45 because he wants to and he has tips to help you retire early. He has a good approach between balancing life and money with having to do work: essentially find out what you enjoy and be engaged with it and spend/consume as little as possible.

All the money in the world won’t keep boredom at bay. How many TV reruns can you watch? How many rounds of golf can you play? In my case I have too many things I want to do in life to spend my time working until I’m 65. I enjoy writing, love to cook, garden and make my own wine (which is actually good after I learned why I made my first batch undrinkable). I also like to fix up my house and I’m involved in my community as a school board trustee.

Tim’s description of himself on his blog:

Tim also knows he does not need a lot of money to be happy. In fact most of the stuff he loves in life he can get for free from the library. So that is helping out a lot as he tries cutting back to find the perfect balance point between spending money and being happy.

Read his tips at The Star and you can follow his blog at Canadian Dreams.

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