A Cure for Multiple Sclerosis – Maybe/Probably

That’s right, you heard me. Though experts are warning people not to get their hopes too high just yet, the initial results are pretty impressive.

The initial studies done in Italy were small but the outcomes were dramatic. In a group of 65 patients with relapsing-remitting MS (the most common form) who underwent surgery, the number of active lesions in the brain fell sharply, to 12 per cent from 50 per cent; in the two years after surgery, 73 per cent of patients had no symptoms.

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One thought on “A Cure for Multiple Sclerosis – Maybe/Probably

  1. I have had MS for 35 years. I went to Stanford. Dr. Dake did an MRV. This cure is based on having blocked veins. My veins weren’t blocked. I returned home with out the procedure because there was nothing to stent. Cure? Not in my case.

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