Solar Tower Provides Plenty of Power

Solar power continues to prove to the world that the sustainable energy choice is a good and efficient source of electricity generation. Solar towers that rely on mirrors aimed at the tower to produce heat are a great way to spin a turbine to provide power for a lot of homes, I don’t understand why places with lots of sun and a lot of land don’t use more of these types of power plants. I’m looking at you Australia.

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UBS Wealth Management, moreover, is predicting that the relatively small market for concentrated solar power tends to expand, with projected growth of almost 20 gigawatts in new capacity over the next decade. UBS analysts Gianrento Gamboni and Christoph Hugi, refers to the new projects in the United States and Spain as they say “After a long period of stagnation, the market is evolving more dynamically.”

What is a solar power tower?
One square kilometer of land holds the capacity – depending on the specifities of location – to generate as much as 100 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity per year through solar thermal technology. To make it clear, this amount is enough to run 50,000 residents.

One option to produce this energy is the solar power tower, which is a type of solar thermal plant that uses a tower to receive the sunlight, focused upon it via an array of flat, movable mirrors (ie. heliostats). These focused rays heats the water and the steam produced powers a turbine. As you see, no pollutants are emitted in producing the electricity.

Today liquid sodium is commonly used instead of water to store the energy during brief interruptions in sunlight or in night time.

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