How To Reuse Plastic Bags

Plastic bags aren’t good news, after all they are very wasteful. Well, if you do have to use plastic bags make sure you use them more than once. eHow has a list of creative ways to reuse plastic bags.

Here’s a humorous one — use your plastic shopping bags to make an instant tie-down rope for your car. Now, do not use it with extra heavy items, but it is durable enough to keep things in place. How?

Take 2 bags and take one handle of the first bag and put it through a handle of the second bag. Loop the first bag over the handle of the second bag and pull it through it’s own handle. This makes a strong tie.

Next, gather the rest of one bag and loop it into a knot just below the other, unused handle.

Continue to loop bags and tie them up until you have the length that you need. Do this to make two ropes, and then twist the two “ropes” together. If it needs to be stronger, then make it three ropes.

Tie a knot at each end of your doubled or tripled rope. Use it to secure your items on the go!

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