Hope in America

There’s a renewed hope in the USA thanks to Obama’s win. The symbolism of his victory is huge for America and for the world as it marks a shift in how that country will run.

Across Europe, Asia and the Americas millions spent all night celebrating the Obama win, and even in much of the Islamic world Muslims celebrated a new start for relations with the U.S.

“What an inspiration. He is the first truly global U.S. president the world has ever had,” Pracha Kanjananont, a 29-year-old Thai in Bangkok told The Associated Press. “He had an Asian childhood, African parentage and has a Middle Eastern name. He is a truly global president.”

Nizar al-Kortas, a columnist for Kuwait’s Al-Anbaa newspaper, wrote that an Obama victory was “a historic step to change the image of the arrogant American administration to one that is more acceptable in the world.”

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