Green Tea is Great for Your Health

Green tea may be one way to fight breast cancer based on a new study on female mice. The scientists examined an ingredient in green tea called ECCG which is an antioxidant. The results in the ice are promising so people should start drinking more delicious green tea.

Epidemiological studies suggest that green tea and its major constituent, EGCG, can provide some protection against cancer. Because these studies were very limited, the anti-cancer mechanism of green tea and EGCG was not clear. As a result, the researchers examined whether drinking EGCG (just the antioxidant infused in water) inhibited the following: expression of VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor, which is found in a variety of breast cancer types); tumor angiogenesis (thought to help tumors expand by supplying them with nutrients); and the growth of breast cancer in female mice.

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