Ontario and Quebec Don’t Like Carbon

I’m not a big fan of carbon trading but there is good news insofar that two Canadian provinces, Ontario and Quebec have decided to tackle environmental concerns. The Canadian federal government has followed the lead of Bush’s administration and have tried to stop any environmental progress, indeed they even say Ontario and Quebec are wrong because they are doing something. I sure this is the first of many headlines that show the provinces leading the environmental way in Canada.

It’s great to see two large provinces in Canada teaming up to show the federal government that they are open to legislating improved environmental protection.

Charest called tackling the issue of climate change a “tremendous challenge for humanity.”

He said whoever becomes the next U.S. president will be doing a “180-degree turn” on climate change policy, and the two provinces shouldn’t wait for that to happen before making changes of their own.

“Why wait for the Americans? We want to subscribe to everything that is being done on the European level and the North American level,” Charest told reporter

One thought on “Ontario and Quebec Don’t Like Carbon

  1. I hope this is the beginning of a new era. Not in environmentalism — I’m not that stupid — but in Canadian politics. There is so much Ontario and Quebec can do for each other! And, for the rest of the country, so long as Harper is the country’s alternative for leadership. I hope the stupid Ontario/Quebec rivalry is finally over. Ontario, if push ever comes to shove, I’m turning Quebecuise, I really think so.

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