Urban Living Better than Sub-urban Living

From the blatantly obvious department comes a short piece on how people can be kinder to the environment by living in an urban setting. The suburban lifestyle isn’t the best for the environment for many reasons, so everybody move downtown to show the world some love!

The fact is, urban living is kinder to the planet, and Manhattan is perhaps the greenest place in the US. A Manhattanite’s carbon footprint is 30 percent smaller than the average American’s. The rate of car ownership is among the lowest in the country; 65 percent of the population walks, bikes, or rides mass transit to work. Large apartment buildings are the most efficient dwellings to heat and cool.
And guess what high-speed means of transportation emits less atmospheric carbon than trains, planes, and automobiles? The humble counterweight elevator put into service in 1857, which has made vertical density possible from Dubai to Taipei.

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