Wave Powered Boat to Travel on Waves

Kenichi Horie, who has traveled on a solar powered boat, will now travel across the pacific on a wave-powered boat. Strange, but true!

The boat made of recycled aluminum relies on the energy of waves to move two fins at its bow and propel it forward. Horie said it is a sturdy vessel, designed to right itself if it capsizes. But it is equipped with an engine and an 11-metre sail mast for emergencies.

The journey – which would take a diesel-powered boat about 10 days to complete – is expected to take Horie about 2.5 months. He will take along rice, canned food, microwaveable meals and beer.

Solar panels atop the catamaran will power the microwave and Horie will also have a satellite phone and access to e-mail.

3 thoughts on “Wave Powered Boat to Travel on Waves

  1. I think people are now looking too hard to find things to make “green”. How much pollution does all the world personal boats emit each year? Answer: Not enough to care. And if it isn’t cheaper, I’m sure no one else is going to either.

    Just my 2 cents…

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