Eco-Friendly Weddings

Green weddings are gaining popularity, we’ve mentioned them before, and now the green wedding trend has evolved.

Octopus’s Garden in Oro-Medonte (an hour north of Toronto), is one of these unique locales. Specializing in intimate weddings and cocktail parties, its garden is a true eco-tourism setting. In keeping with a balanced lifestyle, Octopus’s Garden grows a wide selection of organic fruits, vegetables, edible flowers and herbs, allowing the bride and groom to create their dream feast – naturally.

According to Bruce Mathews, head chef and one of the main hosts, it’s the almost four acre natural setting, surrounded by crown land on three sides along with a hundred organic fruit trees, hardwood trees, evergreen trees, a wildflower garden, herb garden, and rivers that really make it the perfect place for those who wish to pursue the garden path.

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  1. We are working on a similar scheme. It may be cheaper to fly guests to India and have a theme eco wedding here!!Will recommend this info to all our friends in the USA too.

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