CNN Likes Recycling

Recycling is great! CNN has written an article all about the goodness of recycling. Their reporting differs from how The Economist tackled recycling. I’d love to see CNN cover the reduce ‘R’, until then CNN has fun facts like:

Looking at it another way, according to the National Recycling Coalition, the amount of energy saved in one year by Americans recycling their soda cans, plastic containers, newspapers and packaging represented the energy equivalent of:

Enough gasoline to power 11 million passenger cars for a year
A year’s worth of electricity supply for 17.8 million Americans
11 percent of the energy produced by coal-fired power plants in a year
29 percent of nuclear electricity generation in a year

3 thoughts on “CNN Likes Recycling

  1. In this blog post and the comments on it there are other perspectives on recycling:

    I think that recycling usually is positive, but I also think that it’s overrated. Reducing and reusing are more important; composting is more important; etc.

  2. Toban, I tottally agree with you!

    Reducing our consumption is the best option, followed by reusing, and then finally recycling. Those three Rs are in the Reduce Reuse Recycle order for a reason.

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