Sim “Climate Change” City

Sim shot
Video games often get a bad rap in our society so it is rather refreshing to see that the next Sim City game will have more of an environmental conscious. The next version of the game will include global warming as an effect of what the player chooses to do:

The game does not force players to power their cities any specific way, but allows them to make choices, each of which come with advantages and disadvantages. Similar to real-life, the least expensive and most readily-available buildings in SimCity Societies are also the biggest producers of carbon dioxide, an invisible gas that contributes to global warming. Should players choose to build cities dependent on these types of sources for power to conserve their in-game money, their carbon ratings will rise and, at reaching critical levels, the game will issue alerts about the threat of the various natural disasters like droughts, heat waves and others that may strike their cities.

Via BoingBoing

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