Use FaceBook to Strut Your Greenery

FaceBook, that ever-popular socail networking tool has a neat application that you can add to your profile that outlines how green you are! It’s called I am Green and symbolizes how green you are by creating a leaf for you.

From Inside Facebook:

“I Am Green” is a networking application for facebook members about caring for the future of our planet by changing little things we do everyday. Members change small things about their every day lives, and share these ideas together. Some of the popular actions are using cold water instead of hot, switching to the right green products, and not using paper or plastic in many specific cases where habit draws us but it’s not needed. Members call their green actions ‘Leaves’ which they pile up. Their lists are displayed on their profile for all their friends to see and endorse or even copy. Its a smart way to find out about little things that will make a better tomorrow.’

It’s still in development so it’s limited in what you can add as a green-realted thing you do. For example, you can be vegan and not vegetarian. Even being vegetarian helps the environment, just eating less meat and more veggies is still a step in the right direction for the planet and your health.

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