USA Senate Passes Energy Bill

The United States has decided to clean their air and save money by requiring vehicles to improve their mileage. This is very significant because their hasn’t been a legislated mileage increase in 20 years. This is definitely good news for Americans, and Canadians because it means that our air will be cleaner too (Canada generally follows American mileage legislation).

In an eleventh-hour compromise fashioned after two days of closed-door meetings, an agreement was reached to increase average fuel economy by 40 percent to 35 miles per gallon for cars, SUVs and pickup trucks by 2020.

But the fuel economy issue threatened to topple the legislation up to the last minute. Majority Leader Harry Reid held off the vote until late into the evening so several senators could be called back to Capitol Hill to provide the 60-vote margin needed to overcome a threatened filibuster from pro-auto industry senators.

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