Reflecting on the Sun
It’s good to know that already scientists have figured out backup plans for when climate change becomes so destructive that we have a way to turn down the thermostat. The solutions being put forward include blocking or diffusing the sun’s energy out into space – essentially making the Earth a giant mirror. The catch is that this geoengineering could change the way we see the world by altering the rays that hit the planet’s surface. The solutions maybe drastic, but at least we have a plan.

A solar shield that reflects some of the Sun’s radiation back into space would cool the climate within a decade and could be a quick-fix solution to climate change, researchers say.

His computer models simulated a gradually deployed shield that would compensate for the greenhouse effect of rising carbon dioxide concentrations. By the time CO2 levels are double those of pre-industrial times – predicted to be at the end of the 21st century – the shield would need to block 8% of the Sun’s radiation.

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