Easy Ways to Make Other People Happy

I’m happy to tell everyone about the Happiness Project which is a blog about one thing: happiness. On the site is a list of five simple things that you can do to make other people have a great day!

Often, the nicest gift isn’t something that can be purchased. We don’t always have time to perform a heroic act of thoughtfulness, but even quick good deeds can make a difference.

This just shows that small things can make a world of difference.

Via Lifehacker

4 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Make Other People Happy

  1. It is so sad that this list is so away from and distant!!! Really, look at it, people are saying “understand me”, “what I do matters”, “someone love me”, “someone tell me I am beautiful. Your project should be called the disconnection project. Get back to grass roots of what makes people unhappy, and start right there, you could really make a difference, I warn you, you may get your hands dirty.
    this is my list of how to be happier
    1)complement the oldest or ugliest person you see every day!
    2)drive slower, and move slower, enjoy the ride
    3) exercise and help people to exercise, this is the physical and it is what we are made of, watch a jack lelane video on youtube
    4)give people chocolate, and eat it with them
    5)purchase, then open up and read about the people close in your life, what they are into, and you get into it too

  2. what not to do if you want to happy
    1) never drink another drop of alcohol, smoke or drink coffee again
    2) put down the remote and sell your tv, study, no matter your age
    3) try not to look into a mirror for the rest of your life, if you do keep it down to a matter of seconds, try it
    4) never eat crap again, eat black strap molasses, wheat germ, brewers yeast, flax oil, and trace minerals in one drink in the morning, every morning
    5) stop paying your bills, and go bankrupt
    this is the only way to true happiness, it only starts with these things, think about this for a while! Then try if you dare

  3. If you pray that your enemies will be blessed with all the things you have, and will get all the thinge you desire … you have to say it out loud. Then think of all the wonderful gifts you are blessed with … name them one by one, list them out aluod. When you awake in the morning make a firm promise to … smile at the first person you see and wish them a great day … you have to mean it from the bottom of your heart. This will make other people happy, and you as well, because for a few minutes of your self upsessedd life you will have thought about others and not your stupid self.

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