No passport? No problem!

To any of you who waited in line, for hours, hoping to get your passport in time for the air travel restrictions: maybe you wasted your time. Maybe you could have picked a place that did not require much more than your picture identification.

You could have gone to the following tourist hot spots, places so relaxed about life that it’s almost a sure bet that people in these countries never line up for hours, empty coffee cup in hand, wanting to go to the bathroom but afraid to lose your spot.

Maybe next time you will listen to the media reports. Maybe you got your passport in time, and will congratulate yourself for all the hard work you did lining up, and get some hard-earned relaxation done.

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Agasel is a writer/media editor/voice-over artist, living in Vancouver, BC, Canada (but seeking a new paradise to transplant to). Check out her blog at

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