Narcolepsy Insomnia Link

Can’t sleep? Take heart in a recent study of insomnia: researchers at Actelion Pharmaceuticals found that blocking brain receptors to the blood peptide orexin promoted sleep in rats, dogs and humans, according to a paper in the online issue of Nature Medicine.

In an ironic link, orexin is absent in the brains of people who have narcolepsy, the disorder that causes some people to fall asleep.

Although the company doing the research is a pharmaceutical company (which normally raises red flags as to the reliability of the results), more studies may be done to analyze the quality of sleep that the subjects experienced.

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  1. Okay, I’m trying to let it sink in. So, this drug is actually trying to induce narcolepsy. Like, depleting the brain of its orexin supply. Is that smart? I am anxious to know the result of the studies…

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