Alarming Al

good-ol-al.jpgMr Al Gore has been called an ‘alarmist’ by critics who don’t really believe the facts he is teaching about global warming. He’s not letting these negative comments hold him back! He has recently mobilized thousands of volunteers to spread the word and take action against letting the planet melt into oblivion. Sometimes being ‘alerted’ isn’t such a bad thing!

The goal had been to train 1,000 “presenters” to show slides of melting glaciers and charts of climbing temperatures, but many more have wanted in. Those selected to gather at the Hilton Nashville Downtown last week included teachers, doctors, a meteorologist, ministers, Wal-Mart employees, actress Cameron Diaz, architects, retirees, veterans and financiers.

Each volunteer is required to give at least 10 presentations within a year of the training. This is great proof that people are catching onto the importance of the global weather situation, and networking to try and help! Thats a whole lot of good!

About Vanessa King

Vanessa is a co-founder and the in-house artist of She is a fundraising administrator working on behalf of various charities and dreams of being the sole person who, through synchronistic and somewhat accidental circumstance, ends up saving the World. After her 13 year stint as a professional actress in film and television, Vanessa is now pursuing her musical ambitions as a singer as she also hopes to save the World through music.

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