Kids get to interview UN officals

A group of young journalists will get the opportunity to ask UN officials tough questions. The kids will also have the chance to express what it is like to be a child around the world to the delegates to policy makers. I hope that the UN listens.

“The 11 young journalists, from all 4 continents, will be making speeches at the Day of the General Discussion on the Rights of the Child and are expected to interview UN committee members and state representatives. Their reports and observations will be sent back to their countries and communities.

The journalists from Canada, Colombia, El Salvador, Ghana, India, Kenya, Norway, Senegal, Sweden and Zimbabwe, will join 22 youth delegates from other agencies at the UN’s Palais Wilson on September 15th.

“I want the Committee members to know just what Children’s Rights means for me, and millions of young persons like me, and I want to take back everything I learn and accurately inform and educate everyone in my country” said 12-year-old Sibonile, from Zimbabwe.”

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