Power, Water, and Refrigeration From One Source

A product of American military research is something that can actually help people. The army wants it to save money, but aid organizations can use it to save people. A new system that can fit on a truck can provide drinking water, electricity, and even refrigeration. The device is clever because it reuses energy that would otherwise be waster, making it more useful and efficient.

“The engineering researchers’ solution: a small system that ties a novel gas turbine power plant to a heat-operated refrigeration system. The refrigeration makes the gas turbine more efficient, while also producing cool air and potable water. The turbine can run on conventional fossil fuels as well as biomass-produced fuels or hydrogen.”

This would be amazing to have in disaster relief situations.

One thought on “Power, Water, and Refrigeration From One Source

  1. This seems too good to be true. There has to be some alterior motive to the U.S. Military sponsoring this project!

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