The 5 Second Rule

The infamous 5-second rule is true. You know, it’s the rule when you drop food on the ground and it’s still good for 5-seconds so you can still eat it. Basically, a lot of surfaces are actually cleaner than we think so they don’t contain a lot of bacteria. I’ve also heard that it some bacteria (and some other gross things) need more time to cling to food than just 5-seconds.

“”Jillian swabbed the floors around the University in the lab, hall, dormitory, and cafeteria to see how many organisms we could isolate,” Agle tells WebMD. “We examined the swabs, and there were very few microorganisms. That surprised me. I told her to do it again.”

The results were the same. Agle has since earned her doctoral degree and is a scientist in new product development for Rich Foods in Buffalo, N.Y. “I think the floors were so clean, from a microbiological point of view, because floors are dry, and most pathogens — like salmonella, listeria, or E. coli — can’t survive without moisture.” “

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