Gas Station Looks to Gas Free Future

A gas station in San Diego California is one of the first of it’s kind to begin to sell clean burning fuels at the pump. The Pearson Ford Fuel Depot offers a wide range of gas including one called Bio Willie, a brand of bio diesel made of soybeans which is being promoted by Willie Nelson. This station is attracting many customers who are into the concepts of keeping their money in the country, helping the environment and who are curious how their cars will run on the new ‘alternative’ fuels. San Diego typically has some of the highest gas prices in America, and although the pumps aren’t incredibly popular yet, owner Mike Lewis is hopeful that their are enough people out there looking to change to their traditional polluting ways that he will eventually become very successful. And to encourage this he has found other new ways to turn a profit from his station including adding a market and giving tours to students.

“If you could make it profitable, you could do a whole lot more to preserve the environment than all the mandates in the world,” Lewis said.

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