Toronto Residents See the Light

Solar power maybe coming to a roof near you, if you live in Toronto. Some residents in the city are purchasing solar panels in bulk, so they can get a cheaper rate, and are installing them on their roofs. It’s a great way to save money, the environment, and meet Kyoto Protocol goals, something that Canada should be aware of.

Other communities have done this, and let’s hope that these Toronto purchasers will lead the way for others to do the same.

“In the Riverdale, Leslieville, and Beaches communities, about 75 homeowners have banded together to make a bulk purchase of rooftop solar photovoltaic panels that will meet a portion of each home’s power demands. Solera Sustainable Energies Co. won the contract and will begin installing the panels this week.
Across the city, in an area encompassing Parkdale, High Park, the Annex, and Seaton Village, a group of more than 150 homeowners has been similarly inspired and will soon invite interested solar companies to bid for their business. This grassroots project has caught the attention of the Harbord Village Residents Association, which is now considering its own bulk-purchase initiative.”

3 thoughts on “Toronto Residents See the Light

  1. I’d love to have this in my neighborhood, but there really isn’t any kind of local government, community or meeting place that I’m aware of. Where would I start?

  2. The best place to start is by approaching your councillor, I know that a councillor was a great help in getting that first bulk order. They have tons of community contacts that can be used to spread interest and involvement in this.

  3. At Solera sustainable energies company,we will help anyone who is interested in green power production.Whether it be us referring you to a local initiative,a free, no obligation site assessment,or just answering questions you might have about green energy,we are here to provide energy solutions to homeowners,businesses,and institutions.

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