Biogas in Nepal

The World Bank is promoting a program in Nepal that endorses the use of biogas in villages. It’s all about improving the lives of the poor by providing cheaper fuel while helping the environment through lowered emissions.

“The project promotes the use of biogas as a commercially viable industry in Nepal by expanding its use for cooking and lighting in rural households. The biogas units will be sold at a non-commercial price to poor households and displace fuel sources traditionally used for cooking—fuel wood, kerosene and agricultural waste—with gas from the treatment of animal and human waste. Each household biogas unit can reduce almost five tons of carbon dioxide equivalent annually.”

2 thoughts on “Biogas in Nepal

  1. It is funny that most people are talking about the use of biogas in the
    deverloped world. But the reality is that Asian countries are doing well in it.
    For example, Nepal’s success in using biogas has
    remained virtually unnoticed so far. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in
    the world but in terms of
    biogas unit per capita
    it is way ahead of India and China the two emerging
    giants in the world economy. Thanks for your post.

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