Floating on Water and Powered by the Wind

Technology Review has a groovy article on a new style of wind farm that floats. The idea is that people will not have their views ruined by large wind farms, and as a added bonus the wind is stronger out in the open seas.

A win for power, postcards, GE, and for fighting climate change!

“GE has announced a $27 million partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy to develop 5-7 megawatt turbines by 2009, each of which could power well over 1,000 homes. Supplanting the company’s current 3.6 megawatt turbines, these giant energy factories should make wind power more economical, since the major cost of building and installing offshore wind farms does not depend primarily on a turbine’s size, but on the number of them that need to be erected. By 2015, GE could have even bigger, 10-megawatt turbines, according to Jim Lyons, leader of advanced technology for GE’s wind energy business.”

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