Pinball Clemons vs. A History of Violence

With the rapidly mounting history of gun violence in Toronto, there has been a lot of talk of law-and-order solutions to the problem, but that doesn’t come even close to addressing the real issue.

So it’s nice to see that the government of Ontario, along with erstwhile football star “Pinball” Clemons, is launching an initiative to invest $15 million into programs for at-risk youth in marginalized communities throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

“The Youth Challenge Fund — is it a solution? Absolutely not,” Clemons said. “This is a program that builds into tomorrow. This is not something that is going to today eradicate violence.” We’re inclined to agree.

Park Your Car, Charge Your Car

I’ve long thought that solar panels need to be used all over in order to alleviate strain on an energy grid, and now that seems to be happening. Solatec has created a kit that you can put on a Toyota Prius to charge it while the car is sitting in the sun.

It can improve the milage up to 10% according to Toyota. The company is still testing the product, but I hope to see solar panels integrated into all cars.

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