Canada’s Supreme Court Says NO to Pesticides

The Supreme Court of Canada has thrown out a case that would have challenged the right of municipalities to ban pesticides in their communities.

A pesticide producer tried to challenge legislation passed in Toronto that banned the use of pesticides. This is a major step in Canada since the issue of spraying nature with chemicals as been for the most part ignored. The court’s decision means that wary municipalities can now ban pesticides without fear of a lawsuit.

2 thoughts on “Canada’s Supreme Court Says NO to Pesticides

  1. I think this is a little silly. I never had allergies until Toronto banned pesticides.

    Coincidence? I think not!

  2. This is good. I think that pesticides are gross and unhealthy for ALL living things. It amazes me that poisons can be marketed as ‘safe’ when they are toxic but considered ok for humans to be in contact with because we are larger than insects. Sure we may need a bigger dose to have it kill us outright……but we’re all made up of the same primordial soup…..and i dont want that crap in my soup!!!!

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