Russia Destroys Chemical Weapons Themselves!

After several years of arguing with the U.S over financial aid, Moscow has come up with its own funding to speed up the deconstruction of it’s chemical weapons aresenal. Russian industry and Energy Minister Viktor Khristenko has submitted a proposal which states that Russia should reprocess 40 thousand tons of combat poisonous materials and also calls for an accelerated reprocessing pace of the chemical weapons.

In the past the officials had planned to finance the project with foreign funds, but Moscow never recieved the money. Now the government has approved the proposals providing 171 billion rubles for the program. Several new plants for the destruction of mustard gas, sarin, soman, and VX gas will be built with funds from this new budget.

This is an extremely important move toward the Global fight against dangerous chemical weapons which will hopefully encourage other countries to seriously consider deconstructing toxic weapons as well.

About Vanessa King

Vanessa is a co-founder and the in-house artist of She is a fundraising administrator working on behalf of various charities and dreams of being the sole person who, through synchronistic and somewhat accidental circumstance, ends up saving the World. After her 13 year stint as a professional actress in film and television, Vanessa is now pursuing her musical ambitions as a singer as she also hopes to save the World through music.

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