Cancer Man Dies

How is a person dying a good thing? I’ve suggested before that when someone ceases to exist on our planet Earth that we use that time to celebrate the person’s live.

A British man, Sir Richard Doll, whose research linked smoking to cancer in the 1940s died on July 24th. His research into smoking and lung cancer seem obvious to us now, but back then the idea wasn’t widely accepted.

I think it is worth remembering that research that might seem “a little out there” can actually be true. For instance, genetically modified foods are still under-tested in the majority of the world and as a result we may be eating many carcinogens. It takes hard work and research done by people like Doll to challenge the status-quo and provide inertia for change.

Smog is another example; lots of research has proven that smog kills and kills and kills. It unfortunately takes time for governments – and people – to react, but we need to remember that life is short (shorter if you smoke) and we need to collectively take action to make the world a healthier, and happier, place to live.

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