New UK law for art looted by Nazis.

A proposed new law in the United Kingdom seeks to make it easier for art looted by the Nazis before and during World War II to be returned to its rightful owners or their decedents. In the run up to World War II, invading German forces would loot the collections of Jewish art collectors. In the aftermath, more than a few of these pieces found their way into museums, either because of an inability of their rightful owners to track them down, or because their rightful owners had been killed in the Holocaust.

Spurred by the example Jewish-Czech Arthur Feldman, whose collections was sold for pittance to a UK gallery after the Holocaust, Culture Minister David Lammy is trying to speed through the changes, which would make it a simpler process for families to file claims.

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Aluminum Amperage

The CBC Radio show Quirks & Quarks has an excellent podcast on using aluminum to power mobile electronic devices (mp3 link).

“Instead of pumping gasoline, for example, you get a shoe-box of aluminum powder…”

More detail can be found in the podcast or on the Quirks & Quarks archive page.

In related battery news, Panasonic has created a new technology called Oxyride that is supposed to be just as big as the use of alkaline in batteries. The new batteries are supposed to have 1.5 times the life of an alkaline battery and cost the same as a regular set of batteries according to BetaNews.

Random Acts of Goodness are Spreading!!

Every single day there are people all over the World being nice just because they FEEL like it!! These kind citizens are practicing something called “random acts of GOODNESS”! We all face countless situations every day where we can choose to be of help to others or do something that benefits the World in some way! Can you remember the last time you did something entirely voluntarily kind?? You never know when you might make someones day by just paying them a compliment or randomly sharing a smile on the street. From helping an elderly person with their groceries, to even just thanking someone for doing their job, random acts of GOODNESS can be an awesome way to encourage positivity everywhere.
Why not do something to help just because you can!! A little kindness can go a very long way. Not to mention it just feels GOOD!

Know anyone who’s committed a good act?? Let us know about it!

‘How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single minute before starting to improve the world.’
– Anne Frank

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