Small Change Fund for Big Change

Small Change Fund is a Canadian organization that is trying to get people to help small efforts to make big differences. In Canada less than 1% of donations go to grassroots organizations and Small Change Fund wants to get more funding for the little guys. They seem similar in concept to sites like Kickstarter.

Small Change Fund empowers you to make big change with small change. We provide a place for you to discover, share, connect with, and support amazing grassroots projects in communities across the country – projects that need just a small amount of money to make a real and significant impact in the world.

We make giving simple.
Call it bottom-up investment, grassroots grant-making, place-based funding, micro-philanthropy. Whatever its name, it’s a new way of giving. We use the power of the Internet to engage everyone at their own level to share with others. We open up the giving process so you can have a hand in solving the problems you care about most. You read, you choose, you give. You can give money, you can give time, you can give support. It’s that simple

Go ahead and fund a project right now!

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