Be Mundane this Halloween

Today is halloween and, if you’re like many others, you still need to create a costume. Thankfully there’s a Japanese costume trend that is a perfect solution to let you create a fun and entertaining last minute costume. The trend is called jimi halloween (地味ハロウィン), or “mundane Halloween”. It’s a nice concept that explores moments in everyday life that people can relate to.

In 2014, a subculture emerged in Japan called jimi halloween (地味ハロウィン), or “mundane Halloween.” It was started by a group of adults at Daily Portal Z who “kind of wanted to participate in the festivities of Halloween, but were too embarrassed to go all out in witch or zombie costumes.” So instead of the flashy and flamboyant costumes they had been seeing gain popularity in Japan, they decided to dress up in mundane, everyday costumes. The type of costumes that you have to explain to people and then they say, ooooh I get it.

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Movie Sets Get a Second Life

The film industry needs to custom build sets and costumes for their productions and more often than not the unique objects get tossed away after filming is done. Filming a movie can cause a lot waste and carbon output so it’s good to see that some people are trying to green the film industry. is a website that allows production companies to list sets, props, and costumes from film sets that they want to sell. They’re located in Canada but there must be something similar in California as well. So if you want unique clothing or things for you house you may want to check out what’s for sale.

We are entertainment industry professionals who are appalled to see thousands of tons of scenery, props and costumes ending up in landfill every year.

So… we’ve created a new website where industry professionals can list such items for sale (or giveaway).

Basic listings (one item per listing) are free.

In the first year of operation, Set/Reset processed over 150 tons of scenery.

Set/Reset was a classic win win for its customers, users and the environment.

As the company grew we built up the largest inventory of rental stock in Canada.

Our monthly input was up to 25 tons. From this input, we had only 3% waste!!!

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