Child soldiers may be reduced in Chad

This one doesn’t feel like good news but I don’t think I need to say anything here…

Chad’s government has signed a deal with the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) to begin demobilising child soldiers from its national army.

The agreement is a U-turn for the government, which as always denied that it has had under-age fighters.

In a recent Unicef investigation more than 300 child soldiers were discovered in one town alone.

The sound of music is called “makorn” in Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan, the hills are alive again with the sound of music

“For three decades, music was an endangered art in Afghanistan. Soviet occupation and civil war disrupted people’s lives. When the Taliban took over in the mid-’90s, music was banned altogether.”

Things are getting better for half of us(women) in Saudi Arabia

I do hope this one comes true. I am persuaded that things are actually hopeful having read an article about opportunities for women in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi minister of planning and economy, in remarks published recently noted that the eighth five-year development plan (2005-9) aims to improve the situation of Saudi women by providing them with more job opportunities.

He expects the percentage of women in the Saudi work force to increase from a mere 5.4 per cent to 14.2 per cent by the end of the plan’s period.”

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