Motivational Interviewing can Help the Environment

Collision Conference

Enviromentum wants to change the discussion around the climate crisis to be more positive. They do this through the practice of motivational interviewing which engages the interviewee in a meaningful way to them. The idea is to maintain a conversation that’s positive while also getting people to realize how they can improve the world. If everyone makes a tiny a change to their lifestyle we can collectively see massive positive change.

Motivational Interviewing is the most evidence based way to help people change. The approach is so simple, and humble it attracts next to no attention, yet this doesn’t change its effectiveness. 

People change for their own intrinsic reasons. Motivational Interviewing is the process for helping people to explore those intrinsic motivations with us. As Motivational Interviewers we help people resolve feelings of ambivalence and our collaborative spirit helps people get more deeply in touch with their reasons – in a way that enhances their self-worth.

Motivational Interviewing enhances the autonomy of individuals to decide for themselves what is best for them based on their own reasons. By realizing that others have the right to choose for themselves, we change the spirit in which we communicate with others, and this ripples through every statement we make.  We become less pushy, and less focused on our own reasons for others to change, making space for their reasons, their plan of action, and ultimately their choice to change or not change.

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