Use a Browser Tab to Raise Funds for Charity

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Donating money, time, or resources to charities makes the world a better place, but what if you don’t have any of those things to spare? If you’re using the internet via a web browser maybe you can donate some spare CPU cycles though. A new site called Donate Your Tab uses your computer’s spare computational power to mine Monero (a cryptocurrency), it is then donated to a charity of your choice. The technology behind it has come under scrutiny recently because some sites are using people’s browsers to mine without their consent. Donate Your Tab allows you to opt-in to the mining and even control how much energy goes to mining.

Why would I want to use this?

We obviously think you should contribute your time, voice and cold hard cash to your favorite charity. But this site is a good start. You’re already on your computer, why not use that time to make money for causes you support? These days we often feel guilty like we can’t change anything but this allows you to do something even when you’re just sitting on the internet scrolling through your newsfeeds.

How much money can we raise on this thing?

Good question. Mining cryptocurrency isn’t profitable unless you do it over an extended period of time and have lots of people contributing.

Lets say you can make $0.05 for leaving this thing running in a browser tab all day. $0.05 x 100,000 users x 365 days = $1,825,000 to charity. Not bad! Spread the word so we can get there.

Check it out.

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